Dog Club Meetings and Dog Events

Dog Club Meetings and Dog Events

Committee Meetings
We hold Committee Meetings the second Wednesday of every month throughout the year where we discus the running of the club and how we can improve it. Recently we made a decision to buy some agility equipment so that we can introduce some basic agility to our training as this is a fun way for the dogs to learn.

Christmas Party
The dog Christmas party is held on the Sunday before Christmas, this is an informal training session where we put what we have learned to the test in a fun way. We play games such as throwing a sausage and seeing whose dog retrieves the sausage - without eating it - the winner is the dog with the most sausage left!

Annual General Meeting
The AGM is held every April and all members are invited to come along and let us know any ideas they have, the AGM is both an extremely useful and fun night out, the club pays for a meal for everybody before the AGM and following the AGM we present trophies to members for their achievements.

Our Fun Days

We have 2 fun days a year. These days give you a chance to see where you need to concentrate more, in particular areas of training.

Our social events consist of a Christmas Dance where certificates, medals and trophies are presented. There is music and a buffet.

Club Membership

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